Artist Development

A true Open Artist takes development and refinement. By our standards, to be an OPEN artist, one must be:

Noteworthy, and of course,

Let’s be real: It’s impossible to do it alone. This is why we are creating our Lab Series that brings together incredibly talented people with backgrounds in direction, choreography, art direction, musicians, producers, stylists, and more, with the common goal of creating something fresh and original.

Check out this video below, where Director Kevin Stea (assistant choreographer Madonna’s Blond Ambition Tour, Truth or Dare, Michael Jackson, Newsies) explains how the video COEXIST, Guy B´s latest single, was made. Choreographer: Tony Testa (Michael Jackson This is it Tour, and currently working on the Kylie Minogue Tour. Janet Jackson, Britney)

Open Artist Movement is headquartered at Media Temple Studios, where many artists find the development that they need from world-class vocal coaches, producers, sound engineers, and business developers.

Below, Krystle wraps up her very first day in a recording studio cutting vocals.

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