What is an ‘Open Artist’?

Open Artist Movement supports uniquely talented artists. No “types”. No labels. Just Progressive Pop. Call it a music (r)evolution.

What’s wrong with pop music as it is?

Nothing really. It’s called “popular” music because it appeals to the largest demographic. Trouble is, the “pop” type artists are usually trend based and don’t leave much room to push the envelope.

We want to develop Progressive Pop that exposes the creative edge from people that the label system might call too “risky” to back. For any variety of reasons. We raise the bar of what is considered “popular” even when it isn’t the norm. In the words of Fischerspooner, “Sounds good. Looks good. Feels good, too.”

How can I get involved?

You can get involved by signing up for the newsletter. And if you’ve got a definite talent that you need to share, be sure to send us an email or connect on any of the ways you’ll find on this site.  What you get is depending on who you are and want you are wanting.

Can I be part of an event?

It depends on what part of the event you would like to be involved in. If it’s as an artist performing, that has to go through a committee of people who decide what the show will be. There is an extremely high standard of musicianship, live performance and character that is required for performing on these events. We plan on doing this for a long time to come. For those who are not part of one event, there will always be another.  The journey starts here!  Make yourself known!!